May this year be absolutely magical for you.

According to the Zen Master Dōgen Zenji, there are 6,400,099,980 moments in a day. My wish for you is that you feel alive in every one of those moments, every day. May you breathe deeply, laugh, love, discover more within and around you. May you take risks, go with the flow, be rewarded for your leaps of faith. My wish for you is that you live with abundance and create an unforgettable journey that spans 365 glorious, magical days.

Happy Fresh Starts to you, my friend.

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A list of wishes from Potli Baba to you.

May you have wings on your feet.

May you drag your friends and better halves away on a much-needed break.

May you experience the pleasures of being a traveller, within your own country and outside of it.

May there be more long weekends in your life.

May you experience new sights and sounds and emotions.

May every holiday and vacation be a small dream come true.

May you never fall sick or develop an allergy during those holidays or vacations.

May every flight, train, bus and road trip you take carry you away from your worries and give you a taste of heaven, however brief.

But most of all, may your life be the most satisfying journey of the year.