“Tashi Delek, Bhutan.”:A Preview.

My ride across Bhutan was fantastic, but the posts are taking longer than expected because of one simple and selfish (but big) reason: I’m reluctant to share anything about that country with anybody. It’s so beautiful, pristine and perfect, and I want Bhutan to stay that way. I’m also a traveller, though, so I know I must write about it. So, while I deal with the sadness that I am compelled in my role as a wanderer to share my Bhutan experiences with you, I’m leaving you with a preview of what you can expect (and why my selfishness is justified – to some extent, at least).

The video is a mish-mash of a few videos I shot while riding through clouds and over mountains and alongside stupas, so it’s a bit shaky. But it will give you an idea of what The Land of the Thunder Dragon is like.

Hoping that this will keep you satisfied for a few days (till I get my posts up),
The Nebulous One

Put together using Windows Movie Maker.

Shot on: Sony Xperia Tipo phone camera.

Track used in the video: ‘Lost’ by Greg Gibbs (more of his music here), via Free Music Archive.

8 thoughts on ““Tashi Delek, Bhutan.”:A Preview.

  1. Bhutan?! Wow! The name has always held the significance of a mystical, charming, old-world, magical place in my mind. Would love to visit someday!

    I am unable to view the video. :( Would love to see it. Any way I can see it?

    I can so relate to your reluctance to share anything about a place you have visited, because you want it to stay pristine and untramelled.

    • Hey TGND,

      You’re right, Bhutan is mystical and magical and belongs in the old world. You’ll be hearing more about it from me soon. :)

      Do you want to try playing the video through Google Chrome? May help.

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